Grassroots Mapping is a series of participatory mapping projects involving communities in cartographic dispute. Seeking to invert the traditional power structure of cartography, the grassroots mappers used helium balloons and kites to loft their own “community satellites” made with inexpensive digital cameras.

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Post-oil spill observation trip at Bay Jimmy, LA

July 31st, 2010 by Cesar Harada

Hi, Cesar Harada here, first post and first map using the techniques of for LA Bucket Brigade – thanks guys for putting this wonderful DIY technology together. So! In the late morning 22nd of July 2010, Hunter Daniel and myself went to map out of Port Sulphur, on these funky boats :

LABB troops, Seen from the ground, Bay Jimmy LA, After the Oil Spill, 20100722

With 2 boats we took this route (see google map) :

20100722 Grassroot-mapping, Bay Jimmy

I traced this route with my mobile phone Google Nexus One and the fantabulous Open GPS tracker for Android – 4 stars rating!
This is what we could see from the boat, kinda boring :

Seen from the ground, Bay Jimmy LA, After the Oil Spill, 20100722

Soon after I launched a balloon and Hunter a kite out there, kinda exciting :

Seen from the Balloon, Seen from the ground, Bay Jimmy LA, After the Oil Spill, 20100722

we captured nice pictures, here 6 details :

Bay Jimmy, Detail 01, 20100722 Bay Jimmy, Detail 02, 20100722 Bay Jimmy, Detail 03, 20100722 Bay Jimmy, Detail 04, 20100722 Bay Jimmy, Detail 05, 20100722 Bay Jimmy, Detail 06, 20100722

These 6 pictures were made using 270 stills… that was a 12 hours work on photoshop since hugin (an open-source photo mosaic software) didnt do the trick – yet :/ Still working on it to automate the process and spend more time sipping mango juice 🙂
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