Grassroots Mapping is a series of participatory mapping projects involving communities in cartographic dispute. Seeking to invert the traditional power structure of cartography, the grassroots mappers used helium balloons and kites to loft their own “community satellites” made with inexpensive digital cameras.

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NYC report back on UMOs*

October 18th, 2010 by Liz Barry

* UMO = “unidentified mapping object”

On the morning of Friday October 8th, the Grassroots Mapping public workshop kicked off in the corner gallery on 5th avenue and W 13th Street. We began experimenting with a few types of mylar ranging from 55″ 1 mil rolls to 0.5 mil emergency survival sleep sacks, in shapes ranging from a tetrahedron to what some referred to as the “burrito.”  Seams were folded and taped, then pressed with a pen or ID card. We worked all day to assemble four rigs between the two dedicated Parsons/Eugene Lang classes and bring together materials for the exhibit and for Saturday’s workshop. Fun fact: New York taxis will not pick up a 5 foot tall tank of helium.

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Upcoming public workshop in New York City

October 4th, 2010 by Liz Barry

This weekend in New York City, public workshops will be held at 2 West 13th Street, in the corner gallery on 5th Avenue. Come out and join us! The exhibit and events are sponsored by Urban Inclusions, a  collaboration between Urban Design at Parsons the New School for Design and Urban Studies at Eugene Lang College. Additional thanks to the students of Mapping the City and Street Life.

Friday October 8, 9am-12pm, or 2pm-5pm:

Hack a camera and assemble a rig (2 West 13th Street)
Saturday October 9, 1pm-5pm:
Collect imagery with balloons and kites (2 West 13th Street, Union Square)

Email ebarry at gmail for further information.

(Image above is from a Spring 2010 balloon mapping workshop at RISD)