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Im fascinated by your project, last year I summited an Idea to CONACULTA (mexico art foundation) to map the objets found in 5 streets of Mexico city that i got it, my research should start February and last 3 years, my proposal described a camera suspended by a ballon 14 meters above ground, today I found this webpage and Im tottally surprise and happy that it really works with increibe results. . I would like to get in contact with you and see if you have Interest in meeting me in kentucky some day in March, I left my website so you can see some of my profesional work, you can also google me to find out about me, you wont find any of my academic/ reseacrh projects in the web. Best regards, happy 2012. Ad hope you contact me soon, CONGRATULATIONS your work is amazing.
Best regards julio amezcua – at 103 – principal